How To Create Cute Characters

How To Create Cute Characters And What Makes a Character Cute! By the end of this video, you will know what makes a character cute and be able to know exactly how to create cute characters!

Learn Graphic Design Under 1 Hour!

Graphic Design Tutorial For Beginners. Simple graphic design rules, the do's and don'ts needed to make good designs.

Youtube Hates Animators! And 5 Ways to Survive! | The Rakusa Show Ep2

5 Strategies on How You Can Survive Youtube as an Animator! Thousands of hours of work, making the best animations, getting only 100 views... Then you see other videos, recorded in their messy bedroom getting hundreds of thousands of views and comments and shares!! You gotta think Youtube Hates Animators! And Youtube Hates Your Animation...

2000 Twitter Followers in December 2019! Free Twitter Followers Every Month | The Rakusa Show Ep 1

I've got 2000 Free Twitter Followers in December! December alone! Every month, I get free Twitter Followers; and also lots of impressions and engagement. Therefore I am doing a report on what my Twitter account looks like for that month. This is The Rakusa Show Episode 1.

Rakusa Avatar 2

Rakusa Avatar 2! This is the second version used on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Top 5 Art styles For Social Media For Indie and Low Budget

The top 5 best art styles for graphics and animation on social media, for indie and low budget Creators! These are necessary to make your graphics really pop and get the attention you need!

Pusheen's Favorite Food Is...?

Pusheen's Favorite Food is?? Watch this cute Pusheen cartoon video to find out!

Pusheen's Christmas Greeting Animation

Pusheen's Christmas Greeting by Rakusa Studios! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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