Can Doomfist Defeat Junkrat?

Category: Wrestling | April 6, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Get ready for some Overwatch Wrestling! Overwatch Doomfist vs Junkrat gameplay in WWE2K19 as custom CAW's, a match on RWO Overslam!

Junkrat starts out strong and outsmarting Doomfist.  But the Nigerian Mastermind finally found a way to turn the tables.  But will he win this match??

This is not the summer games and the arena is not empty. Watch my custom Overwatch CAWS battle it out. I added in some Doomfist voice lines and Doomfist voice lines interactions to liven up the game a bit. Sadly, not by Terry Cruz.

Some screenshots:

I also added Junkrat voicelines and Junkrat Voice Lines Interactions! Enjoy this match, on the Rakusa Wrestling Organization (RWO)'s show Overslam!!

RWO is sort of like an efed with Overwatch CAW heroes and other popular movie and game characters. So you can call it an Overwatch efed. More matches coming soon.

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