DVa VS Ashe! | Overwatch Women Wrestling Match

Category: Wrestling | April 28, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Dva and Ashe battle a back-and-forth women wrestling match in the Rakusa Wrestling Organization!  Both ladies go all out to earn a chance at the RWO Women's Championship.  

DVa's speed and agility seems too much for Ashe to handle.  Ashe tries to counter DVa's moves and manages to lock her into submission. Who will win this match?  There's a surprise in store toward the end!  Watch now on Overslam!

DVa cosplay and Ashe Cosplay live action is sexy but expensive, therefore I can only afford to create a DVa CAW and Ashe CAW on WWE2k19.

The Overwatch Wrestling "Overslam" Women's Division of the Rakusa Wrestling Organization (RWO) is shaping up as more matches are booked.  

RWO is a virtual wrestling promotion with Overwatch CAW heroes and other popular movie and game characters.  (Overwatch efed).  More matches coming soon.  Stay tuned!

DVa vs Ashe Overwatch Women Wrestling

DVa vs Ashe Overwatch Women Wrestling

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