Learn Graphic Design Under 1 Hour!

Category: Tips and Tricks | March 3, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Learn Graphic Design For Beginners! Simple graphic design rules, the do's and don'ts needed to make good designs. SAVE LOTS OF MONEY on these small, simple and easy graphic design work that you can do YOURSELF, and only hire the experts to do the complex graphic designs. If you don't have time to go through hours of training, this tutorial is for you! This video is a no BS practical graphic design tutorial for beginners. Most of the styles are minimalist graphic design styles, but the concepts can be applied to many different areas of work. If you have premium software like photoshop, you can apply the same tips doing graphic design in photoshop. Else, you can use Krita, the free software, or just canva, the online graphic design software. The graphic design fundamentals and graphic design basics mentioned in this tutorial video is not the same as the others you can normally find. These are the ones that I personally found and use. Although, it is possible to integrate my tips with the other mainstream graphic design rules and theories. But the beauty of my approach is that by following just these few simple rules, even a beginner graphic design enthusiast can create something that will not make people turn their heads away.

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