Reaper VS Lucio Overwatch Wrestling on Overslam

Category: Wrestling | May 7, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Will Reaper completely squash Lucio with his size and strength advantage? Or can Lucio prove that he is not the underdog that everybody thinks he is and Lucio can actually counter Reaper??

The Overwatch Men's Wrestling Division is holding matches to determine the RWO World Champion. Can either of these 2 make it and win the prestigious heavyweight title? Only on RWO Overslam. Made using WWE 2K19 (PC Wrestling Game on Steam) CAW for Reaper Cosplay and Overwatch 2 Lucio Cosplay Wrestling!

RWO is a virtual wrestling promotion with Overwatch CAW heroes and other popular movie and game characters. (Overwatch efed). More matches coming soon. Stay tuned!

Reaper vs Lucio Screenshots

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