Torbjorn Takes on Soldier 76 on Overslam!

Category: Wrestling | June 1, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Soldier 76 prepares to take on Torbjorn!  Who will advance to the final RWO World Championship match?!  2 Overwatch characters battle it out in the pro wrestling squared circle right here on RWO Overslam.  Can Soldier counter Torb this time, or will Torb remain victorious?  Or will something else happen...

Made using WWE 2K19 (PC Wrestling Game on Steam) CAW for Soldier 76 Cosplay and Overwatch 2 Torbjorn Cosplay Wrestling!

RWO is a virtual wrestling promotion with Overwatch CAW heroes and other popular movie and game characters.  (Overwatch efed).  More matches coming soon.  Stay tuned! 

Torbjorn vs Soldier 76 Screenshots

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