Widowmaker Insults Ashe on Overslam Overwatch Women Wrestling

Category: Wrestling | April 28, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Is Widowmaker vs Ashe rivalry in the making?  Who can take the crown as the best sniper?  As Widowmaker claims to be the best woman wrestler in the RWO, Ashe interrupts her.  They throw insults at each other, where Widowmaker mocks Ashe's hair and Ashe ridicules Widowmaker's skin!

Widowmaker cosplay and Ashe Cosplay live action is sexy and expensive, so I can only afford to create a Widowmaker CAW and Ashe CAW on WWE2k19!  WWE2K19 is, in my opinion, the apex of wrestling games.  WWE2K20 is full of bugs and there are no new WWE2K annual games after that.

The Overwatch Wrestling "Overslam" Women's Division of the Rakusa Wrestling Organization (RWO) is shaping up as more wrestlers start coming into the scenes.  

RWO is sort of like an efed with Overwatch CAW heroes and other popular movie and game characters.  So you can call it an Overwatch efed.  More matches coming soon.

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