Pusheen's Halloween Animated Short

Category: Animation | October 25, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Halloween is not complete with a Pusheen Halloween! This is a fan made Pusheen cartoon or Pusheen Anime, by Rakusa Studios! It's called Pusheen's Halloween : Boosheen Origins! Featuring Pusheen of course. And also Boosheen, with a cameo by Harreo the Dog. The Internet's lovable adorable cartoon cute cat needs more animations and I am filling that gap. Jess the Dragoon collaborated in creating the story for this one. You can watch it here:

95% of the backgrounds in Pusheen's Halloween is made using Blender. It so happens that Blender is also great at NPR rendering.

Happy Halloween

Thank you for watching Pusheen's Halloween by Rakusa Studios; Have a Happy Halloween and hope you get lots of candies!

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