Pusheen's Christmas Greeting Animation

Category: Animation | December 17, 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes

This is my take on Pusheen's Christmas, a Pusheen cartoon or Pusheen Anime.  It's called Pusheen's Christmas Greeting!  Featuring Pusheen of course.  The Internet's lovable adorable cartoon cute cat needs more animations.  We already have a Pusheen's Valentine by Jess the Dragoon.  Now, I have decided to create my own fan animation for Christmas!! You can watch it here:

The production process was not so simple, but in the end I managed to pull it off in around 3 weeks.  Very tiring, but I had to make it before Christmas.  That is a no brainer.  If not, you would have to wait till next year's Christmas to see it :( ...  So let's take a brief look behind the scenes.

Speed Anime/Animation Production Process

Obviously, the bigger the size of the video (this Pusheen animation is HD 1920x1080), the more effort would be needed to ensure that the quality is sufficient.  Luckily, I used vectors for the backgrounds and characters, therefore, scaling up or down wasn't a problem at all.

Color-swapping is a life-saver too!  Notice that Purrie (the white cat) looks like Pusheen.  She is actually Pusheen colored white!  Furrie (the orange cat) is not color-swapped and drawn from scratch instead.

Pusheen Christmas Music and Audio

Music was composed and arranged by Rakusa.  We searched Epidemic Sound and even Kevin McLoed's Incompetech but couldn't find anything suitable.  Therefore, I composed the music from scratch as well.

Lin and C.S. Baker did the singing!  Shout out to Baker who could render the song in both high and low octaves!!

Hannah Joestar did a great job with the voice overs!  For the first time, Pusheen can talk?!  Well, maybe we can think of this as a totally different universe from the original Pusheen.

Merry Christmas

Thank you for watching Pusheen's Christmas by Rakusa Studios; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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